We will be leaving home around the middle of November then travel across the U. S. to Nevada to stay for a couple of weeks before heading into Mexico. As of now we are not sure where we are going in Mexico this time. Maybe to Bahia Kino then into the interior for awhile and then on down the eastern side towards the Yucatan. But as always our plans "are subject to change".
Right now we are in the preparation stage again. From past experiences we are making some changes to our 40' Alfa SeeYa motorhome to make our lives more comfortable as we travel.
As I mentioned on our prior trip we tow a Jeep Liberty 4 x 4 named Willie.
Some of the things we have done this time to get ready to go include:

On the home front:
Changed all of the bills to e-bill and automatic payments
Shut off or put on vacation suspension all the utilities
Told Sheriff we would be gone
Arranged with neighbor to watch house

To make traveling easier:
Purchased a Garmin Nuvi 26w GPS Navigation System.  We bought that one because it has many
           of the roads in Mexico on it. Even the smaller towns.
Also got updated version of Streets and Trips - it has a lot of the roads in Mexico too.
Bought Mike & Terri Church’s book “Mexican Camping 3rd Edition” and printed out all the updates
            from their web site  
Mexican maps and Tour Book from Auto Club  - still have Guia Roji from last time.
Added two Solar Panels to the roof. 260 watts total
Six new house batteries 
Mounted brackets on back ladder to hold utility ladder. Can be padlocked in place.
Installed DirectTV with satellite dish so we can park under trees and still get TV with portable dish

In the Alfa:
Added a fireplace. Light weight and electric. Will take the chill off without having to light the heater.
Enclosed a couple of wasted spaces and made them into useful storage spaces.
Made slip covers from bath towels for chairs that can be thrown in the washer.
Lined all cabinets and cupboards with foam backed indoor/outdoor carpet to cut down on rattles.
      Inexpensive and will stay flat and can be thrown out and replaced when soiled.
Put a little lip in high storage cupboards so they don't fly open and spew contents if we hit an
      unexpected dip.
Six new tires - a little sooner than we thought we would replace them, but after a front one developed
      a bubble the size of a grapefruit we decided it was more important to be safe.
Changes oil and transmission fluid and new oil, air and transmission filters.

To Willie:
Change oil and transmission fluid and over all check up
New tires

Paper Work:
Passports are current - made copies
Drivers Licenses are current
Registration on Jeep and Alfa are current - have originals of Registrations - made copies
US insurance on both vehicles current
Purchased insurance for Mexico

Preparing to Drive our Motorhome in Mexico - Join Us for Our 3rd Trip

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