A Little About Us Now
When we drove to Argentina with our boys we were in our early 40s. We are older now in our late 70s /early 80s but we still in very good health and, hopefully, still have our wits about us. Although within our family there seems to be some doubt about that. When we told our boys about our plans of making the trip again - a couple of them suggested we have our heads examined. 
We have both been retired for several years and have been enjoying tour lives traveling. While in Indiana we traveled to Mexico every winter. Now that we are back in Nevada we still spend winters in Mexico, but we also travel during the summer to get out of the heat. Up until a year ago we traveled in our Alfa motorhome. It was 40 feet long, almost 13 feet tall and has two big slide outs. But a year ago we downsized to a Jayco Class C motorhome. It is 30 feet long with three silde outs.
We wanted something smaller so we can travel to some of the National Parks that have limited parking. Also it doesn't need as much electricity so we can also visit smaller towns in Mexico. We tow Willie, our 2005 Jeep Liberty, behind it.

Several years ago we drove the Alcan Highway to Fairbanks, Alaska. Another time we drove down into Baja California, Mexico and the rest of the summers we just toured different parts of the United States. Bill has fallen in love with the eastern side of the U.S. He likes all the trees.  So in 2007 we moved to Indiana to a house with a basement big enough to hold all of our hobby equipment. It was on five acres of woodland.
In between traveling we both indulge ourselves with our hobbies. Bill likes to work in wood and build model sail boats. He has built mantels for both of our fireplaces. I take photos and mat them and he makes the frames. We both enjoy working in stained glass and have made some magnificent pieces. And I have fun beading, quilting and doing machine embroidery.

As in all travels we have had good and bad experiences. But like they say - if you get lemons make lemonade.

To update this - we have moved back to Las Vegas, NV - so now we travel in the summer too, to get away from the triple digit heat here.
I haven't taken us down any bicycle paths or dead-end one way streets lately, but I have screwed up a few times. 
We have met many kind and wonderful people. Many we stay in touch with. And a couple that weren't so great - they were in the minority and quickly forgotten.

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