The part of Brazil we were now driving through, the southern part was at that time the richest and most modern. And with modernization came the problems, over crowding, heavy traffic and smog. Another nice thing, there were no police or army check points on the highway.  That was good.
Back to Curitiba for a couple of days. Again we stayed at the motel. Bill and I had a room with the motorhome parked right outside the window. We stayed for a couple of days because we needed gasoline and the gas stations were not open on Sunday. Also it was a good time to do the laundry and cleaning. While there Randy picked up George. George would travel with us the rest of the time we spent in South America.  He even accompanied us back to the United States where he lived with Randy. A couple of years after our return Randy called me one night and told me George had passed away. (for a story about George click here.)
George was big, black, hairy, and friendly if you liked that type. He was a South American Tarantula. 
Before leaving Curitiba Randy bought a small cage to keep him in. Thank goodness.

From there we continued south, heading for the coast road again. Again we were passing through amazing scenery. Along the way Bill pulled over so John Mc and Randy could cut a bunch of bananas from a tree growing next to the road. When they brought it in I insisted they take it back outside and look through it for any of George’s relatives before bringing it back in. The bananas sure tasted different after ripening on the tree. Yum, yum good.
We stopped for the night in Florianopolis a city built on small islands. We stayed at a grassy campground at Conceicao Lagoon. The lagoon is a freshwater lake sitting between the mountains and the ocean. This was another place to beautiful to describe. On one side the mountains covered by forest on the other white sand beaches and turquoise waters. Great weather and shopping.  The campground had a couple of stalls where the fishermen sold fresh fish and their wives sold hand made lace.
Continuing down the coast road. We spent the night in a campground in Laguna. It is a very old city and popular tourist attraction for the well to do. Our next stop was Tapes where we found another campground where we stayed for a second night. While there Gil had a disagreement with a wasp and had a lump on his arm for a while. We left Tapes and stopped to get gas in Pelotas - the pump wasn’t automatic it had to be hand cranked! We also bought groceries and stocked up on what we couldn’t find else where.
At 5:00 p.m. on November 16th we entered Uruguay at Chui.

Leaving Rio Driving our Motorhome down the Green Coast of Brazil

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