Preparing the Paper Work for Mexico

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Spending another Winter in wonderful Mexico
Follow along with our adventures in Jennie the RV and Willie the Jeep
Our 29' Fleetwood Jamboree Jennie and our tow car Willie the Jeep
We are collecting all the documentation we will need to cross the Mexican border and the odds and ends we like to have available: maps, map books, books listing neat places to visit, campground info etc.
We purchased the new Mexican Camping 4th Edition book by the Churches. It is invaluable - lots of great info besides campground information. This year they've included which campgrounds can accommodate big RVs. We've also picked up AAAs Mexico book and bought a new copy of Lets Go Mexico.
Also a couple more Mexican maps from AAA. I manage to wear them out folding and unfolding them. We have a well used copy of the Guia Roji a Mexican road atlas from 2007. And we have 2009 Streets and Trips in the laptop and Gypsy our GPS. Gypsy is a Garmin n
üvi 260w and she has very good Mexican road maps. You would think it would be impossible to ever get lost or take the wrong turn but I can guarantee it will happen at least one time if not more.

For ourselves we just need our current passports for getting our Tourist Card (FMT.) These get turned in when we leave Mexico.
To get our Temporary Import Permit for the vehicles we need our drivers’ licenses and a credit or debit card (MasterCard or Visa) issued in the name of the person bringing in the vehicle. The Jeep is in my name, the motorhome in The Driver’s. So we each need a credit or debit card with our name on it.
Also the current registrations. If your vehicle is financed you might need a notarized letter from the lien holder. We had a letter with us last year and the year before for the Alfa motorhome, but no one ever asked for it. We do not need one for Jennie

In their new Mexican Camping book the Churches give an e-mail address where you can obtain your temporary vehicle permit in advance. It is:
I checked it out, it is in English, but decided not to use it. It is getting too close to our departure from home date to worry about receiving the paper work in time.

Our insurance on the motorhome, Progressive, covers it for comprehensive while in Mexico. We will purchase comprehensive for the Jeep and liability for the motorhome and jeep before we cross. There are several companies who provide it. However you have to be careful. Some companies sell you a six month policy for 182 days of insurance BUT you are only covered for 90 days. How that works is you can use the 90 days anytime within the 182 days. This would be fine for people living on the border who are in and out of Mexico a lot. You need a policy that gives you 182 days of continuous coverage. Make sure the liability policy includes Legal Aid - this is very important.
There is also “Drivers License” liability insurance. This insures the licensed driver while driving any vehicle.
You can arrange all this before you leave home so you can have the policies sent or e-mailed to you. 
This year we are using Sandborn's Insurance. They have been around a long time and they have a great  collection of travelogs.

For communication we both carry laptops with wireless capabilities. Our satellite system will provide our Internet connection. Our Verizon cell phone works in and near the bigger cities in Mexico.

Things we've done and places we've been on this trip - Mexico 2009