Another Wonderful Week Spent at Mr Moro RV Park in Las Glorias, Sinaloa, MX December 2009

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Spending another Winter in wonderful Mexico
Follow along with our adventures in Jennie the RV and Willie the Jeep
Our 29' Fleetwood Jamboree Jennie and our tow car Willie the Jeep
Las Glorias
After passing through Los Mochis and returning to MX15D we continued south about 20 miles before again turning onto a country road towards Las Glorias. We had stopped at a grocery store and bought a couple of bags of wrapped candy as we knew that on one stretch of the road to Las Glorias the kids come running to the road when they see an RV. Sure enough - got rid of a whole bag.
This road kind of wanders through the large farms so we were sharing it with lots of tractors that are never in a hurry. And we always end up behind them when the road is too narrow to pass safely. Really get to watch the scenery. Lots of corn, tomatoes and peanuts being grown here.
Arrived at Las Glorias and started to make the turn onto the big divided road leading to the RV park. It is still not passable, not much progress has been made since last year. This time we got to go down it a couple of blocks before we had to turn towards the beach and finish the journey on the sand. But they’ve been using it enough that by now it is pretty hard packed, not like last year.
We’re staying at Mr. Moro again. It is an RV Park and a Hotel with a good restaurant and a pool. There is water, electricity and sewer. Nice bathrooms with hot showers. Wi-Fi is available in the restaurant. And our Verizon cell phone has service here. It is a really nice place and empty - only two other rigs here and no one in the hotel. (Bill read in the Mexican paper that tourism is down 40% this year. Fear and the economy I guess.) Horiatio, the manager, even remembers us. He wondered where our Alfa was.
We awake in the morning to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach. The weather here in December is warm and not humid.  The sunrises and sunsets are usually very pretty. Every day there a lot of big fishing boats out in the Gulf.

Driving on the beach is allowed so a couple of times we drove south to a breakwater and little town of Boca del Rio. From the campground a ways down the beach are a lot of houses all in different states of repair or as The Driver calls them “arrested decay”. Some appear to be very modern newly built and painted. Others have been abandoned and are literally falling apart. Some storm in the past destroyed several of them. Others are built up on stilts and have thatched roofs. 
Beyond the houses are palapas for picnicking on the beach and then many big and little open air restaurants. On the weekends they are quite busy with people from inland. Several of them had strolling musicians. Lots of seafood served. 
On down the beach at the breakwater there were families fishing and just enjoying the sunshine. Young boys playing soccer with beach balls. Older men sitting around playing guitars and listening to music. We followed the dirt and gravel road inland and quickly came to the village. It backs up to an estuary that was full of colorful pangas. And for every five boats there was a little restaurant selling, camaron (shrimp) , pescado (fish), filete (filet of fish) and gazolina.  One bright pink house was set up as a arcade with a variety of arcade machines on the porch with several teen age boys intent on playing. Laundry was out drying at almost every home. One had a hand-letter sign in the front saying
"Se Vende Pan" (bread for sale.) Skinny dogs followed the car, chickens scratched in the dirt, men were working on their fishing nets and the inevitable vehicle with the big speaker wove in and out the streets.

Pictures from Las Glorias
Another day we drove north on the beach. Again came to a very popular place for fishermen and their families. We were in Las Glorias the week before Christmas so a lot of people were off work and enjoying time with their families. One two-wheel drive pickup got stuck in the sand and had to be pulled/pushed out. The sand was really soft - have to wonder what they were thinking. 
There were fishermen on the rocky breakwater, in old and new boats and people fishing from the sand. One old man was casting a net into the water then slowly drawing it back in. He said he was fishing for bait. A pickup truck came by music blaring - he was selling strawberries with cream and cocos helado. Everyone was very friendly. There were a lot of ATVs there too - running up and down the beach and over the sand dunes.
Twice we drove into Guasave. There is a nice big Wal*Mart super center there. And next door is an Auto Zone and a Burger King. We also found a flea market area where there were all kinds of stalls most with kids’ toys for sale. And a churro man. He used to work with the guy from El Fuerte. Had the same set up and delicious churros. Right across the street from this is a big Ley Super Market and mall.

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