On the front page was a picture of the motorhome parked in the street with a short comment under it.
“A north American family composed of 7 people has been traveling for three months from California. They are in a trailer that has all the comforts of a residence. This afternoon as they were parked in Curitiba they attracted the attention of the populace. They were parked on Rua Muricy and Candido Lopes. From here the Sirimarco family will go to the eastern side of Brazil.” (continued on page 5)
On page 5 under a picture of the family was the interview.
“Parked on the corner of the streets Muricy and Candido Lopes, a trailer of the North American Sirimarco family was looked at with curiosity by the people of Curitiba as they passed by. The red, white and blue motorhome with the plates, 880FTW California, left the United States about three months ago to make a trip through Central and Latin America. The family of six plus a friend, John McClung, said all their expenses so far totaled approximately $6000.
Like every good tourist these people from the United States came with maps of the principal roads of Latin America. Starting from the United States they went through Mexico, Guatemala and the rest of Central America and crossed from Panama to Colombia by boat because there is no other way. From Colombia they continued down the west coast of the South American continent.
There have been no problems with trip so far.  But when Randy, Paul, John, Carol, Gil and Bill Sirimarco tried to get into Paraguay they didn’t let them in and told them to return to Buenos Aires because the chief of family, Bill, had a beard.  From Buenos Aires following the west side of Brazil they went to Iguaçu Falls and came into Brazil at the Puerto Iguaçu by the system of ferries. Then they came to Curitiba. They are here because the chief of the family, Bill went to the bank to exchange dollars for cruzeiros to continue their trip.
They are going to take route 101 to the rest of Brazil then South to Montevideo then back to Buenos Aires.  Then hopefully sell the motorhome and return to the United States by airplane.
The trip made the kids lose a couple years of school. But the experience is worth it we feel. The family has a lot of plans to come back again and spend more time here and go to the north of this country including driving the Transamezonica. This is the first time that they have traveled out of the US and the trip has a tremendous significance. The problems of feeding and housing were minimized with the use of the motorhome that has hot running water, and places to eat and sleep. All the chores are divided with the family. They said that the trip was so good they would do it again soon.”
Translation (more or less)
Our claim to fame while driving the Pan American Highway

Story of Us Driving our Motorhome to Curitiba Brazil made the Front Page of the Newspaper>