More Roaming Mexico's State of Nayarit in our Motorhome

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Spending another Winter in wonderful Mexico
Follow along with our adventures in Jennie the RV and Willie the Jeep
Our 29' Fleetwood Jamboree Jennie and our tow car Willie the Jeep
Things we've done and places we've been on this trip - Mexico 2009
Towns we visited while in Nayarit:     Aticama      Santiago Ixcuintla     Tepic    Lo de Marcos         
Lo de Marcos

We left Aticama on Saturday morning around 8:30 - got in Lo de Marcos around noon - only a 60
some mile drive. Most of the way it was a good road. It had been recently repaved and had good
shoulders. And it was a very pretty drive. Through lots of - for lack of a better word - jungle. Tree
tunnels, multi colored flowered trees, morning glory vines of all colors over the bushes. Every once
in a while we’d catch a glimpse of the ocean.
And lots of fruit stands sell products from that area.  The fruit stands are so colorful they
remind me of still life pictures. We stopped at one and asked about the big green prickley fruit.
We were told they are called “yaka” they are a type of jackfruit - had to look that up on the web.
The inside pulp is very good - kind of a mixture of tastes - banana, pineapple, kiwi etc.
But it has to be eaten right away or it goes bad and stinks!

The only bad stretch of road was going through a couple of little towns right before joining with the main road MX200 south towards Puerto Vallarta. Once on 200 it was smooth sailing to Lo de Marcos at kilometer 108. But watch out for the traffic signals in La Peñita and Rincón de Guayabitos. There is also a motorcycle officer there with a radar gun.

We pulled into Pretty Sunset RV  US$25 - BUT if you wanted to use the air conditioning it was another 150Pesos (US$12) per every six hours. And we could not pick up their Wi-fi from our site. To get it we would have had to walk up a very rickety circular staircase to a roof with no electricity. We only stayed there one night. 
Fruit stand in Nayarit Mexico. Big green fruit is Yaka
Lo de Marcos Photos  Click Here
We found another campground right across the street - no beach access but we really aren’t                                                                                                                                        beach people anyway. The new one Savage was small - about 15 spaces. The Wi-fi was very good. If you’re only there three days the electricity is free and you can run your AC as much as needed. If there longer than three days it is metered. There is a nice pool and laundry with washer only. There is a laundry in town where it is done for you and very reasonable. There is a nice community area with a small pool.
Last year they were rebuilding the main plaza in town, this year it is done and really pretty. Lots of green grass - unusual to see and a nice mural on the backdrop of what looks like a stage. Nights a lady sets up a churro stand right across from it. And next to it we found a nice little restaurant named Arcelia's Sugar & Spice. You can sit outside or in. The food is excellent and inexpensive and they serve wine and beer. 
There is a long clean beach there - and mostly it’s empty of people. There are some restaurants - more like bars along it. And it’s easy to reach from town. 
The town itself is a typical small town. Cobblestone or dirt streets with topes and pretty narrow - some are one-way but usually well marked. Many of the homes along the main street have little stores or restaurants in front. The church here is where I first saw the padre pull the rope to ring the bell. Up till then I thought it was recorded music. There are also a couple of small "outdoor" churches around town - services are held in them for the people who can't get to the main church.
All hours of the day there are pickups and cars going by with their speakers selling something. The vegetable truck is one of them. He blows his horn and tells about what he has for sale and the women come out to buy. Bill cracks up when he hears some of them. “We have freshest watermelon - just cut seconds ago just for you. The best taste you ever had. Your life will be changed by this watermelon.”  The shrimp truck “We have just come out of the ocean. Fish this morning, shrimp with or without head. So fresh it is jumping out of the truck. This is good for your problems.” The gas truck (propane) comes by early every morning - blowing his screeching horn and yelling GASSSSSSSSS! All of them cycle through the campgrounds or go right by on the street.
It is a pleasant place to spend some time.
Savage RV Park in Lo de Marcos, Nayarit, Mexico 2010

After leaving the dealership we continued on Ingurgentes to Mexico turned and went downtown. Managed to find a parking lot one block from the Cathedral.   We have always have liked the plaza there. Since the first time we were there in 1978. Even since last year there have been changes. Now the Huichol are not set up in the arcades of the plaza but are selling their wares on a side street that is foot traffic only. And there are more of them. As always drooled over their bead and yarn/thread work. And admired their clothing - especially the men’s outfits.
Then we walked through the central market which was in the same area. Tried to find some DVD movies but nothing we wanted. Had lunch in a KFC - pretty good. It was small but had two floors and was busy. Very clean. Cooks with caps over their hair and a bottle of sanitizer available.
We went back to the Huichol area and ended up buying a couple of the yarn/thread pictures. They are made by pressing the thread into bee’s was to make the design.
By then the weather was changing - getting darker, threatening rain and once into the mountains the fog was rolling in.

The second time we went to Tepic we went from Lo de Marco and drove up the infamous Highway 200 - I really don’t like that road. The part from Compestela to Tepic is very narrow, no shoulders and lots and lots of curves. Lots of busses and trucks on it. Notably  the trucks from the cane fields and trucks carrying crushed aluminum cans to be recycled. And the 18 wheelers are the worst. They get just a few inches behind you then pass on curves and or hills. Unnerving to say the least. There is a big memorial just before the road gets really bad going up. I wonder who built it. And why.
We parked in the same place downtown and visited the Huicholes again. And walked over to the Municipal Building to look at the big mural painted on the ceiling. Again it is a history lesson of the area. And just stunning. Then we had lunch at the Don Juan Hotel. The last time we were there it was being remodeled.
This year all the construction work was done on the road that goes from the 200 to downtown - Tepic-Xalisco Road. So we had no problems getting around. We did stop at the Los Piños RV Park. They are still open and have Wi-fi.
Both trips were short trips this year.
Both trips were short trips this year.
There is more info about Tepic at The trip we made three years ago. And 32 years ago at
We drove up the mountains to Tepic a couple of times. Once from Aticama up Highway 76, the Tepic-El Llano Road. It’s a nice drive through the plantations and mountains on a good road. It is two-lane with shoulders - BUT very, very curvy. Highway 76 takes you right across MX15D and becomes the Avenida de los Insurgentes which continues right into the center of Tepic. I enjoyed the ride with its lush tropical vegetation. As we started up the road we passed a banana plantation and I saw that the bananas get bagged before they are harvested - interesting. I always feel like they grow upside down. Then along the way we passed a man walking along side the road. He had several plastic containers strapped to his back. And in his hand was a hose with a nozzle. He was really loaded down and I can only guess that he sprays something from the jugs.
As we entered Tepic we saw a Jeep dealer and pulled in as the window on the tail gate had decided not to lock - had it tied down with a bungee cord. They took it in right a way and fixed it. Really nice dealership - great waiting room. Even coffee. Cost about 30 bucks and now it is fine.
Just past the dealer we saw these pieces of unexpected art. One was a center piece for a long wall and the other statues on top of an empty building.
Waiting room in the Jeep dealership in Tepic
Figures on top of a building in Tepic, Mexico
Cathedral in Tepic, Mexico
Waiting room Jeep Dealership
Tepic photos Click Here