the 2nd Time
These pages will be updated as work and time progresses
As I was writing about our first trip when we drove to South America in the 24 foot motorhome with the five kids Bill and I started talking about doing it again.
This time though there would be just the two of us. We would drive a bigger motorhome than last time, but smaller than our present one - the 40 foot Alfa. We would also tow our Jeep, Willie, so we could get to places too inaccessible for the motorhome and we would like to do much more exploring off the beaten path. And this time we would take all the time we wanted - six months, three years, who knows or cares.

To do a trip like the one we are planning takes a lot of preparation. We hope to leave this fall (2006) about September/October after the hurricane season in Mexico. What follows is some of the preparation we have finished or are in the process of doing.
King of the Road
Roger Miller
The 2003 40foot Alfa SeeYa
Our Next Trip South 2006